Best It Association Mumbai (Tait) Get Award In Ict Summit 2019 At Delhi


Trade association is an organization which leads its members Professionally and take them through the path of growth and facilitates mutual enrichment and advancement. Intangible benefits, which a professional association can offer are enormous, and would not be out of place to discuss the same on any platform.

Recently on 17th May, 2019  National Computrade News (NCN) organised their annual event of  ICT Summit 2019 at New Delhi. As a part of this, they conducted three different Panel Discussions on Role of Associations, Technology & Innovation And also Role of Distribution Business.

Associations across India Participated in this Panel discussion and various aspect as well as achievements of Associations, were discussed. TAIT (Trade association of Information Technology) was represented by their General Secretary Mr. Viren Bavishi in the Panel. It was evident that over the period of 23 years TAIT has evolved as India’s Leading IT Association beyond any doubt. Kind of activities conducted on very regular basis by TAIT is beyond match by other associations. Where most associations were boasting about their problem solving activity with Vendor , TAIT listed wide spectrum of efforts which meant overall growth of member’s business and making business life easy for each one of them. This is Certainly a result of efforts put in by People at Helm in last 23 years. Some of the highlights of TAIT’s strengths and  activities listed below.

(1) Spreading Business Ethics right from Scrutinizing Membership application.

(2) Having its Own fully Equipped Office with Conference room/Meeting room and Supporting Staff, Located in the centre of the IT Market Place.

(3) Having 12 Directors from Varied field of IT, Trade /Solutions/Manufacturing and Services.

(4) Have Envious Track record of Engaging with Members for resolution of their Challenges and Coordination with Vendors/OEMs.

(5) Running Knowledge Series Programmes on Very Regular Basis, for Members which gives them an edge over others.

(6) Networking Events organised by TAIT, also includes family programmes and some Spiritual sessions too.

(7) Not leaving behind Members’s Employees, TAIT Conducts Pathshala for Members’ staff to train them on subject of Common interest.

(8) Arbitration activity

(9) Under CSR , TAIT every year distributes Notebooks to Needy, Collects and disburse funds for natural calamity etc.

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