New era of printing, PANTUM PRINTER share its plan in india partner meeting


Recently, Pantum Printers held their first partner meeting in Mumbaion 14th of March, 2019 at Suba International, Saber Road, Andheri East. The meeting was organized to bring all the delegates and suppliers of Mumbai together and unveil the “New era of Printing’i.e. Pantum Printers. As an original equipment manufacturer in the printer industry, Pantum was founded in 2010 and released its first printer then. In 2011, Pantum entered the global market with its business covering printers, toner cartridges, and related printing solutions and services. The company owns various advanced core technologies patents. which helps them continuously innovate and make their printing solutions highly pertinent and dependable across any work domain in

Left Side Abhra Des (Country Head Sales India Michael Chn, Asia Pacific head). Samir Mehta (Computer Corner). Amit Kulkami (Business Manager). Sobha Churaniya (Product Manager, Supertron), Anand Sharma (ASM, Supertron). Manish Mehta (Branch head. Supertron). Aaron (Sales
modern business. Now, Pantum is aiming to enter the Indian market with very aggressive pricing and service incentives. According to the Pantum International National Sales Head of India. ‘Abhra Das said that Pantum has a
complete product line of laser printing. which can basically meet the different printing needs of government, enterprises, SOHO and home users.ln the entry-level market of India, Pantum mainly promotes two series products: P2500 single-
function printerseriesand M6502 multi-function (all-in-one) printer series, fulfilling your efficient work with 22PPM printing speed,one-stepdriver and WI-Fl installation. As for middle market, Pantumcontinues to create differentiated products. Including two series products: P3500 single-function printer series and M7100DN multi-function (all-in-one) printer. M7100DN can high-speed print and copy up to 330,7903 per minute also can scan up to 24 pages per minute. Alone with one- step drive installation, share within a network and other convenient functions. Pantum printer has become the excellent choice of numerous users.The reporters and many dealers genuinely experience the robust and reliable features of Pantum printerson the site of
the meeting. Up to now. Pantum has achieved rapid growth for many years. and its sales and service network has covered more than 50 countries and regions including China, the United States. Europe. the Middle East and South Africa. India is the key market of where Pantum is focusing on, Pantum will continue to pay attention to this part of user demand and increase resource investment to build core competitiveness of prcducts.The ultimate goal of Pantum is to create more value for users and customers, and achieve sustainable development and win-win cooperation in India. Alter deepening understanding of Pantum and its products, many dealers expressed their confidence in the future of Pantum in the Indian market.

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