TAIT’s Inspiring efforts during LockDown


India is one of the world’s worst hit countries in the coronavirus pandemic.The country’s lockdown began in late March and was subsequently extended several times. Stringent restrictions halted most economic activities. Mumbai being Financial Capital of India, Trade of Mumbai based IT partners too is hurt badly.
To mitigate psychological and the economic fallout, Trade Association of Information TechnologyPopularly known as TAIT across India, worked relentlessly for their members for every aspects of business. Entire TAIT Board, through various calls and messaging, kept motivating and encouraging members and coordinating amongst them for any of the issues that needs to be attended. This was backed by Conducting several webinars which were need of the time, and kept focus of members on converting this lockdown period into growth opportunity.
Such efforts by any association is unique and worth applause by entire trade. TAIT is running it’s 25th year of foundation and such rich traditions are cultivated by their leaders year after year. It would be
It would be Worthwhile to have a look at the List of leaders who so far served as TAIT presidents since its formation.

  1. Shri Atul Mehta (Founder President)
  2. Shri Saurin Shah
  3. Shri Umang Mehta
  4. Shri Pravin Dhoka
  5. Late Shri AneesKhalfay
  6. Shri Ketan Patel
  7. Shri Girish Rathod
  8. Shri Champak Gurjar
  9. Shri Rushabh Shah
  10. Shri Parag Shah
  11. Shri K. Chaube
    And Currently being Presided by
  12. Shri Samir Parekh
    The best part is every subsequent team so far has time to time acknowledged the efforts and contribution of their seniors and take advise from them without any hesitation. This Noteworthy though non-documented tradition of seeking advise and standing with current team naturally takes any organization to greater heights.
    During LockDown TAIT arranged session on“How to use LockDown time Sensibly for Growth.”This was conducted by Shri Satish Villait, who is also a TAIT Member and was Moderated by TAIT Gen. Secretary Shri Viren Bavishi, was very Well Attended by Members and some of the non-members too. It was a real dope to Convert threat of LockDown to Big Opportunity.
    Also, arranged was Session on Tips and tricks for Cyber security. This was conducted by none other than well known Cyber Security Expert Shri Sachin Dedhia. This was initiated by TAIT Director Mr.Pravin Dhoka who was continuously and extensively engaged in relief work for needy under various banner, also spared time for TAIT Members activity. Was attended by Hundreds of Members and Non-Members from across the country and many requests were received for providing Recording of the Event. Which is Available on Youtube now.
    While entire trade community was in dilemma of coping up with their business losses and on the other hand taking care of their staff’s wellbeing and also paying them necessary remuneration, it was necessary to also know the legal angle of Paying Salaries and other provisions during LockDown.
    Without fail, TAIT arranged a Session on LabourLaws ,Focussing on Salaries during Lockdown
    This was very well conducted by Eminent Labour Law Practitioner Shri Aniket Shelar. TAIT Treasurer Shri Samir Mehta initiated this activity, Which was again very Well Attended from across Maharashtra. Shri Aniket Shelar responded to every single query very patiently to the satisfaction of all the Members. This session too was moderated by TAIT Gen. Secretary Shri Viren Bavishi who set the agenda of the discussion and made sure that every doubts were covered including Salries, ESIC , Insurance for Employees and other provisions. As follow up actions, all new provisions or relaxations are being updated and informed to Members.
    TAIT directors Shri Magan Gangani, even being at remote place, participated actively in various issues related to TAIT Members. Other Directors Shri Parag Shah and Shri Ajay Parekh contributed by contacting various members and attending to their requests. Director Shri Sunil Thariani guided members whenever necessary in taking care and coping up with any urgent matters for essential services. TAIT directors Shri K.Chaube and Shri Devendra Sayanicontinuously keeping in contact with members and developments around so as TAIT can update their members on necessary actions.
    TAIT President Shri Samir Parekh, Who is deeply involved in so many social activities, more so during this troubled time, also made it a point to encourage all TAIT members to come forward if they face any challenge on anything and assured that together we will find solution, and can come over it. A True Business leader, Leading from front.
    It was an Overall team efforts by TAIT par excellence, which made lockdown period very easy to sail through.
    Personal Computers Today welcome feedback from other parts of India , and specially IT Associations who might have put efforts to help their members in all aspect of Business and Personal life.

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